QA & Automation course includes an internship at a software house - to develop a career in software testing

About QA & Automation

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QA is a long-standing and central field in the high-tech industry and QA & Automation people are the next generations. Jobs for QA automation engineers are needed in a variety of industries, including communications, banking, medical, manufacturing, and many more. "Software tester" is one of the most attractive careers to enter the high-tech world today.

Accordingly, there is naturally a very high demand for qualified QA testers in the high-tech industry. Many studies have shown that the field will continue to grow in the future, along with the need for workers who can perform manual testing in addition to developing and operating automated testing tools.

The QA & Automation course is a key to many doors on the way to a career in many high-tech companies in local and international industries that are constantly looking for professional software testers with hands-on experience.

As a software house working in this field and integrating QA people in every project, we are familiar with the needs of the companies in the market and are regularly confronted with the requirements. Accordingly, we have developed the most comprehensive, practical, and innovative course in software and automation testing. During the course, you will be prepared for the ISTQB international certification exam in software testing, which is recognized for work abroad and is a reference for the professionalism of the examiner.

At the end of the QA & Automation course you will pass the exam:

  • Job Interview Preparation Workshop - the workshop lasts 15 hours and as part of it, you will be instructed by the Real-Time Group's Placement Department on how to prepare for and approach job interviews properly and receive help in preparing a suitable resume in Hebrew and English.
  • Practical internship in the company's laboratories - Hands-On Training - Towards the end of the course, you will independently perform practical exercises in the company's laboratories under the supervision of a lecturer and developer.

At the end of the course, the placement department will prepare a certificate together with the candidate and the placement phase in the field will begin.

Preparation for the ISTQB International Certification Test

Curriculum for

The route consists of two main parts:

Software Testing QA, the first part, when we will learn the basics of computing, hardware, and software, testing methods, various operating systems, website testing, Java language development, various WEB technologies, databases, networking, and mobile devices. Automation Expert (Automation Development).

This course provides the skills required to develop automation systems (including software testing) using industry popular tools such as - GIT, SVN, DevOps, Selenium, Java, Python, Jenkins, and more.

Preparation for ISTQB Certification Exams, the second part, is one of the most important topics in the QA Software Testers course is to prepare the graduates for the ISTQB International Certification Exams. This exam tests the student's level of knowledge in a variety of topics related to the work of the software tester, such as types of testing, organization of testing, models, working methods in software QA testing, and more. Success in this test is an important proof of knowledge for the candidate in the national and international market in the field of software testing and QA automation development.

Ready to Start Your New Career?

Kobi Yunesi

Senior Software Testing and Automation developer.

Senior lecturer and senior developer in software testing and automation at Real Time Group.
Kobi is an expert with more than 15 years of experience in development, consulting and training of projects on an international scale:
QA & Automation, SAP, MCPD, SQL, Implementation and training of QC, Implementation of automated tests with an emphasis on Micro-Focus products and more.

Domain Head

Courses in Track

Category Courses Hours
Automation Python Crash 90
Java Crash 90
SQL 40
Selenium 40
Jira & Bugzilla 30
Jenkins 25
Manual Testing Computer Architecture Practical 20
Web Foundations 10
HTML5 10
CSS3 20
Linux Admin and Bash scripting 50
Bash Scripting 25
Networking 60
קו 40
Total hours 550

Who Should Attend

Target audience is:
  • College graduates who want to specialize in QA and Automation.
  • Hardware\software\computer scientists with no development experience who are interested in retraining.
  • Hands-on engineers looking to break into the high-tech industry as real-time engineers and similar positions.


  • Basic knowledge/no knowledge in Automation development field.
  • English at a medium level.
  • Experience in Windows, Linux is an advantage, but not necessary.
  • Interview with a specialist in order to find out professional knowledge.
  • Previous experience/background in any programming language - an advantage, not mandatory.

List of Courses



Python Crash

Hours: 90


Java Crash

Hours: 90



Hours: 40



Hours: 40


Jira & Bugzilla

Hours: 30



Hours: 25

Manual Testing


Computer Architecture Practical

Hours: 20


Web Foundations

Hours: 10



Hours: 10



Hours: 20


Linux Admin and Bash scripting

Hours: 50


Bash Scripting

Hours: 25



Hours: 60



Hours: 40

Choosing the right Training Formats

Since we all have different time schedules, we’ve built three rich and flexible training formats to make it comfortable for you to participate in our Programs.
Please take the time to choose the one that best meets your needs.

  • On Campus - Courses are delivered in well-equipped classrooms.
  • Live Online - Courses are taught with an instructor present, an interactive session through a teaching virtual platform.
  • RTG-VOD - Courses are taught through self paced pre-recorded lessons using our Streaming Application (RTG-VOD).

Please feel free to contact us if you have additional enquiries.

How to Join our Programs

In the first way, When the chosen way is online, The curriculum is focused on the needs of the industry and is tailored to the requirements of the employers, so that every graduate who completes an internship will find the right job.


Salary in the field of software testing, as mentioned earlier, the software testing field in the high-tech industry today expects employees to also have knowledge of automation development. The importance of this role has led to an increase in the average salary of software testers and automation developers in recent years. Technological advancements and the need to shorten the times of various operations ensure that wages will continue to rise in the foreseeable future.

The average test automation engineer salary in the UK is £45,000 per year or £23.08 per hour. Entry level positions start at £38,105 per year while most experienced workers make up to £60,000 per year.


Certificate QA automationCertificates of Completion and Certification Exams - QA Software Testing: At the end of the course, you will be awarded the QA & Automation Certificate of Completion from RTG. Moreover, at the end of the software testing course, you can take ISTQB certification which opens many employment opportunities in the industry.

Why Real Time College

The advantages of a QA course and software testing in the Real-Time Group Instructors with extensive experience in software testing and automation development 120 hours of internship in the company's labs - with intensive QA learning and mentoring (one on one) by the company's software testing managers.

  • Interview preparation workshop and more - the services of the company's placement department.
  • Opportunity to work in Real-Time Group offices as well as our partner companies after completing a software tester course.
  • If needed, we also offer tutoring at no additional cost - up to 5 hours per month.
  • All lessons are recorded so you can review them.



  • No knowledge or basic knowledge in QA and automation field.
  • B.Sc or B.A, who are interested in professional retraining.
  • Knowledge and experience in Windows, Linux operating systems - a significant advantage.
  • Intermediate level English.
  • Person with a background and/or experience in programming language development is a big advantage.
  • In any case, the admission of the candidate will be conditional on a professional knowledge interview + exam.
  • This course is also recommended for those without prior knowledge or experience in the high-tech field.
Real Time Group Solutions is working with many companies leading in the QA field and, also, with start up companies. After completing the training track, it’s possible to join many companies. You can get full support from the placement division.
There are no mandatory requirements in order to start studying quality assurance and automation development.

We are sure that your and our success depends on your efforts during the studying.

Thus, the QA and automation training track is divided by parts according to the training themes. At the end of each theme there is a writing exam or project. Each project done creates a personal experience for the student.

At the end of the QA and automation track there is an obligation of the application of the student in the high-tech company. The placement division will help you with all necessary information and not only.
Lecturers and college workers supply constant support to every student. There is a possibility to get pereated and additional lessons according to the track regulations.

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