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About DevOps

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The term DevOps is made up of the words Development & Operations:

Development - The department responsible for product development (usually as directed by the marketing department) and troubleshooting.
Operations - The department responsible for the manufacturing process of the product, managing its versions, verifying the integrity of the product and releasing it to the customer or deploying it on the customer's website.

DevOps staff are responsible for the development and operation of product testing tools and resource management, among other things, and are in fact the glue that binds everyone involved in project development together. For these reasons and more, there is a high demand for skilled workers in the industry, and this is likely to continue in the future.

DevOps is a software development concept or work method that aims to improve business productivity by integrating processes between the development department and the operations department through defined workflows.

DevOps ensures fast and efficient project management through the following points:
  • Adapting the product in real time to meet the requirements and needs of the industry.
  • Use of agile methodology for project management.
  • Use of automation (programming languages, scripting languages, tools and dedicated software).
whats is devops

Accordingly, we have created a curriculum that combines training with the knowledge and tools currently needed in the industry, as well as practical exercises to gain experience. in the end.

At the end of the course, our graduates will have the tools they need to meet the challenges that exist for candidates for this position.

Towards the end of the course you will go through:
  • Interview preparation workshop - the workshop lasts 15 hours and as part of it, you will be trained by Real-Time Group's placement department on the proper preparation and approach to job interviews and receive help in preparing a proper resume in Hebrew and English.
  • Practical internship in the company's laboratories - Hands-On Training - students will be involved in the development of projects with the help of independent use and under the guidance of the instructor and developer in the company's laboratories.

At the end of the course, the placement department prepares a certificate together with the candidate and the placement phase in the field begins.

Curriculum for DevOps

The course focuses on professional training in the field of DevOps awareness for Continuous Delivery (CD), among other things the students will cover the following topics:

  • Steps in project development in the DevOps methodology - DevOps life cycle, use of CI
  • The tools needed for project management - automated compilation, packaging and testing processes, use of various debugging tools
  • Beyond writing code in top languages - a deep understanding of application development using the Java language
  • Typical problems in the development process and their solution
  • The various components in the Agile development process through which consistency can be ensured
  • Perform automated processes using scripts, programming languages, and dedicated off-the-shelf software
  • Distributed environments and cloud computing (Cloud Computing)
  • Practical knowledge and experience in administration in Linux environments - Linux Administration
  • Understanding of version building processes and management - Git, SVN, Jenkins
  • Configuring and writing scripts (such as Bash and Python)
  • Working with databases - SQL
  • Using Virtual Machine Systems.
The course includes:
  • Frontal lectures
  • Practical practice on a daily basis
  • Test at the end of each topic
  • A final project in the company's development division and will serve as a foothold in high-tech companies
  • Each student will receive a textbook as well as access to the database on the course website which includes: exercises and solutions, videos and presentations, recordings of all lessons.
Ready to Start Your New Career?

Benny Cohen

General Manager and Founder of Real Time Group

The general manager in the Real Time Group,
B.Sc. in Computer and Programming Engineering, M.Sc. in Communication Development.
The specialist with more than 20-years experience in engineering, management and professional consulting of the projects in Real Time Embedded Linux Embedded systems, Linux Kernel Device Drivers etc.

Domain Head

Courses in Track DevOps

Category Courses Hours
Ci / Cd Jenkins 25
Docker 30
Kubernetes 25
Zabbix 15
Automation Devops Linux Admin and Bash scripting 50
Bash Scripting 25
SQL 40
Python Crash 90
Networking 60
Monitoring And Cloud Grafana 10
Terraform 15
AWS 30
Total hours 440

Who Should Attend

  • Person with the knowledge or experience in QA IT - computer technicians/network administrators
  • Person with experience or knowledge in the field of infrastructure.
  • Person with no background - will be required to study preparatory studies for participation in the course.


  • Basic computer knowledge.
  • Aptitude test.
  • Interview with a specialist in order to find out technical knowledge.

List of Courses DevOps

Ci / Cd



Hours: 25



Hours: 30



Hours: 25



Hours: 25



Hours: 15

Automation Devops


Linux Admin and Bash scripting

Hours: 50


Bash Scripting

Hours: 25



Hours: 40


Python Crash

Hours: 90



Hours: 60

Monitoring And Cloud



Hours: 10



Hours: 15



Hours: 30

Choosing the right Training Formats

Since we all have different time schedules, we’ve built three rich and flexible training formats to make it comfortable for you to participate in our Programs.
Please take the time to choose the one that best meets your needs.

  • On Campus - Courses are delivered in well-equipped classrooms.
  • Live Online - Courses are taught with an instructor present, an interactive session through a teaching virtual platform.
  • RTG-VOD - Courses are taught through self paced pre-recorded lessons using our Streaming Application (RTG-VOD).

Please feel free to contact us if you have additional enquiries.

How to Join our Programs

In the first way, When the chosen way is online, The curriculum is focused on the needs of the industry and is tailored to the requirements of the employers, so that every graduate who completes an internship will find the right job.


As mentioned, the DevOps field in the high-tech industry today expects employees to also have knowledge in automation development, the importance of this role has led to an increase in the average salary of DevOps, software testers, and automation developers in recent years.

The advancement of technology and the need to shorten the times of the various operations ensure that wages will continue to rise in the foreseeable future.

The average salary for Devops Engineer is £53,486 per year in the London, United Kingdom Area. The average additional cash compensation for a Devops Engineer in the London, United Kingdom Area is £4,166, with a range from £1,514 - £11,465.


DevOps Certificate

At the end of the DevOps course, a "Development Operations" final certificate will be awarded by RTG.

A graduate certificate from Real-Time Group College - is of great significance in the high-tech industrial market around the world.

Why Real Time College

  • Rich experience in training and technological and managerial certification of courses
  • Comprehensive and practical Hands-On courses.
  • All our lecturers are experts in their field and have extensive experience.
  • Possibility of individual help up to 5 time per month
  • Updated content for industry requirements
  • Workshop for job interviews at DevOps and personal career guidance
  • All course classes are recorded and viewable



  • Knowledge or experience in QA
  • IT people - computer technicians/network administrators/with experience or knowledge in the field of infrastructure
  • Persons without a background - will be required to study preparatory studies for participation in the course.
Lecturers and college workers supply constant support to every student. There is a possibility to get pereated and additional lessons according to the track regulations.
At the end of the DevOps track there is an obligation of the application of the student in the high-tech company.
The DevOps training track includes homeworks, practices and other practical exercises in order to create professional experience as the first step in a future career.

After finishing the DevOps track, there are many possibilities to start working in many different companies in Israel and in other countries.

Also, there are options to start working in leading companies and startups.

Today there is a serious request for DevOps specialists in order to improve development processes and to accelerate achievements of the goals.

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