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ניהול רשתות

Network Management Course

The Network Management Course by Real Time Group is the most comprehensive course in the field of networks and information security.

Computer systems are present in every institution or organization, everywhere and at all times. The demand for technicians and network administrators with practical knowledge in operating various systems like Microsoft, Linux, and similar is growing, along with the expectation of their abilities to independently solve problems.

Today's employers expect their employees to have deep practical knowledge in various areas, installation, deployment, and management of Linux and Windows-based servers, as well as handling security issues and more.

The Network Management Course includes in-depth familiarity with hardware, Linux server management, scripting using BASH, and development of automated commands using Python (a relatively beginner-friendly programming language), which will provide you with programming skills and significantly enhance your technical capabilities. The Network Administrator Course will provide you with practical knowledge and experience in installation, deployment, and maintenance of communication networks in various organizations.

There is also an option to combine our Computer Technician and Network Management Course with our Cyber and Information Security track.

The Cyber and Information Security Course equips hackers with the ability to protect their IT systems, including networks, software, websites, databases, and more.

Upon completion of the Network Administrator course, students will undergo the following:

  • Work Interview Preparation Workshop – Towards the end of the course, a workshop will be held to prepare students for job interviews and to properly create their resumes. The Placement Division of Real Time Group is responsible for external recruitment and placement of graduates in technology and information technology companies.
  • Practical Internship Period — During the course, students will complete a practical project, lasting about 120 hours. Throughout the training, students will be assisted by the engineering team of the company's development department and by the instructor. This comprehensive study program encompasses all the course contents covered during the training to provide students with practical knowledge and experience.

Who is the Network Management course for?

  • Individuals with no previous background in computers — based on passing an exam and preparation.
  • Individuals with basic knowledge of computer operation who want to integrate into the world of technology.
  • Technicians/engineers who want to specialize in the field.
  • Graduates of colleges/universities who are interested in professional career transition.

Network Management Course Description

In the course, you will learn all the relevant material in the industry today, the most practical and comprehensive knowledge required to work in the field.

The Network Management course includes comprehensive preparation for the various certifications required today for computer technicians and network administrators:

  • MCSA by Microsoft
  • CCNA by Cisco
  • CCSA by Check Point

Course Content

מבוא למערכות הפעלה
חומרה בסיסית
רשתות תקשורת
ציוד תקשורת אקטיבי ופסיבי
ביצוע משימות תוך שימוש ב- Server Manager
הגדרת Roles ותכונות
יצירת Domain Controller
ה- Active Directory
שימוש ב- Policy
שדרוג למערכת Server 2012 וניהול Forest
פריסת שרתים
שרת DHCP
ניהול שרת DNS
שיתוף קבצים, ניהול ואחסון
וירטואליזציה ו- HyperV
ניהול מדפסות
שימוש באמצעי אבטחה Firewall 2012 ו- IPSec
פריסה ועדכון של שרת 2012 כולל עבודה עם Images
ניהול חשבונות משתמשים
ניהול Active Directory
ניהול Group Policy
הגדרות Policy
חיבור מאובטח לשרת מרוחק
ניהול שירותי קבצים וניטור שרת 2012
הגדרות רשת מתקדמות
אחסון וניהול קבצים ותיקיות
Dynamic Access Control
ניהול Forest של Active Directory
חלוקה של Active Directory לאיזורים
חלוקת אישורים דיגיטליים
Active Directory Rights Management
שימוש ב- Network Load Balancing
יצירת Cluster של Hyper-V גיבויים והתאוששות
Exploring The Network
Configuring a Network Operating System
Network Protocols and Communications
OSI Application Layer
OSI Network layer
IP Addressing
Subnetting IP Networks
Network Access
Routing and Switching Essentials
Scaling Networks
Connecting Networks
CCNA V.3 Additions
CCSA – Check Point
Bash Scripting
Talk to an Advisor

Benny Cohen

Real Time Group Founder and CEO

  • M.Sc. in Communication Engineering
  • B.Sc. in Electronics Engineering
  • Lecturer and Head of the Cyber and Information Security Course at RT-Group, with over 20 years of experience in software/hardware system development, including 6 years in the cybersecurity industry.
  • Specializes in penetration testing and provides training both domestically and internationally. Conducts penetration testing (PT) for security companies as well as leading enterprises in the industry.

Department Head
Come Study with Us
  • Experienced expert instructors
  • Practical courses for gaining hands-on experience
  • Practical project of 145 hours in the Development department
  • Build a portfolio for job interviews
  • Recorded lessons for review
  • Assistance in preparing industry-specific resumes
  • Personal assistance of up to 5 hours per month
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