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Real Time College has been teaching courses and training professionals in the various fields of technology and software since 2007.
Our training programs are up-to-date and tailored to equip our students with the knowledge and skills needed in the industry.
One-on-one Private Lessons
Our training team is available for you every day, for private lessons without additional charge.​
Leading Instruction Staff
Our teaching staff consists of experts with relevant credentials and degrees, who are experienced IT professionals with extensive practical experience.
Customized Lessons According to the Student's Needs
The lessons are tailored to the student's needs, allowing you to choose the program or courses that suit you personally.
Online Learning
Lectures take place online in our virtual classrooms, allowing students to engage in a meaningful learning experience with their instructors and peers.

Real Time College

REAL TIME GROUP Training Development Placement & Outsourcing

Real Time Group is an innovative and dynamic end-to-end software solutions center, specializing in the development of Real Time Embedded systems, Linux servers, Full Stack Web Development, Machine Learning, DevOps, Cyber, and QA. The company consists of 3 divisions: Development, Training, and Job Placement in the IT field (for more details, click on the diagram).

Training Division

The Training Division offers a wide range of courses and training programs for the tech industry. In the initial stage, we match the candidate with the most suitable program, based on the candidate's knowledge level, preferences, aspirations, and alignment with the industry's requirements. In the following stage, graduates undertake a project in the company's labs or with a client, gaining practical work experience.

The teaching staff is among the leaders in their fields, possessing relevant credentials and degrees, as well as extensive practical experience in the relevant domain of the tech industry. Classes are conducted in well-equipped classrooms or online, creating a rich and flexible learning experience tailored to the students' needs. The curriculum is industry-focused and customized to employer requirements, ensuring that every graduate who completes a project will find a suitable position.

Placement Division

The Placement Division accompanies students throughout their studies, creating a personal profile, resume, and preparing students for job interviews, with the goal of integrating students into positions in the tech industry.

Our Instructors

Our teaching staff consists of passionate experts with relevant credentials and degrees, professionals with extensive practical tech experience.
Our Training Division deals with a wide range of courses and training programs for the tech industry.


Alex Shoihat

Head of Machine Learning

Alex holds a bachelor's degree in Information Systems (B.Sc.) and a master's degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Alex is a Machine Learning Engineer at RT. He specializes in the AI field, with over 13 years of experience in project development, management, and transitioning from development to production in various domains such as Linux Embedded.

Alex has experience working with the integration of Machine Learning and Deep Learning in the Computer Vision and Data Analysis field.


Oleg Korzon

Head of Full Stack Development Department

A senior lecturer and Head of the Full Stack Development department at Real Time Group.

Oleg possesses extensive and diverse experience in training, project development, and strategic consulting in the field of website and web application development.


Dmitri Danilov

Head of QA, Automation, and DevOps Departments

Holds a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science from Hadassah College, Jerusalem.

Network manager and C++ developer.

UI/UX user interface developer for Android applications.

Has a rich experience working with Jenkins, Git, Docker, K8S, Ansible, and as a Linux admin.


Shmuel Valeryola

Head of Real Time Embedded Systems Department

Sr. instructor for the Real Time Embedded Linux course.

Holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and has extensive experience in project development and training in various programming languages and technologies, including software development in languages such as Python, Linux, Java, QA, C, .NET.

Training and Placement

Sorting and Matching Test
Based on an interview and a Path Suitability Test, we will help you align your career goals, aspirations, and interests with the appropriate training to help you achieve those goals, matching your desired career path to a suitable program.
Students with no background will start with basic lessons, and students with a background will skip to the beginning of the curriculum.
Practical Training
After completing your coursework, you will have the chance to work on real-life projects alongside other development professionals to gain real-world work experience.
Job Interview
Our Placement department accompanies graduates in preparing for job interviews and creating resumes.
Graduates Placement
Find work in our Development department or in one of the many companies we collaborate with, based on available open positions.


The tools and technologies I acuired here are the most up-to-date on the market right now. I knew there's a placement division here, and someone will take care of me at the end of the course, which really lifted a weight off my shoulders.


I was invited to work here while studying. If I hadn't come here, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to gain practical experience in what I learned.


At the end of the course, they prepared me for a job interview, specifying exactly what points to emphasize. Later, three tech companies reached out to me and said they were ready to hire me.

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