"RT-Group" is committed to protecting the privacy of individuals with whom we come into contact during the course of regular business. "Personal information" is information that identifies and refers to you or other individuals (such as those dependent on you).
The information provided now or in the future is given willingly and with my consent and will be stored in the company's information database for the purpose of offering additional services in the future.
The use of information will be in accordance with the terms of use and in accordance with the privacy policy, as they may change from time to time.

The company may use the information provided and/or to be provided, including for future communication through direct mail and/or other means of communication such as: mail (both regular and electronic), and/or telephone, and/or fax, and/or an automatic dialing system, and/or social networks and similar technologies (both existing such as Facebook and/or SMS and future ones) and/or any other marketing activity carried out by the company itself and/or in collaboration with others. Additionally, the company may also perform statistical and/or tuning and/or segmentation and/or analysis on the information. You are allowed to notify the company at info@rt-ed.co.il by email of your objection to the aforementioned use of the information, and upon receipt of your notice by the company, the company will not use the information as stated. If you have previously informed us that you do not wish to be contacted, there is no need for further communication from your side.

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