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About Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Artificial intelligence ai with machine deep learning and data mining modern computer technologies

The field of artificial intelligence is actually the science that allows computers to behave without precise programming and because of this it has great power and great significance in using the power of the algorithm in a variety of ways for the benefit of man, such as generating business insights, improving processes in various fields including medicine and transportation. In many areas and more. The field has become very popular because it occupies a more significant part and produces a lot of value for us and so will continue to be the case in the future.

A comprehensive and practical Machine Learning course, first teaches the basics of Python, SQL and AWS with preparation for studies in the field of royal intelligence. In the next stage, a knowledge layer of Machine Learning will be added, and in the third stage, you will learn Big Data And Cloud, Deep Learning with Tensorflow, Git.

During the course real cases will be practiced, we will learn the techniques according to the latest market requirements, so that at the end of the track the student can present a diverse portfolio with contemporary knowledge in order to enter a more ready and mature market on the way to a promising career.

Towards the ending of the artificial intelligence course, you will pass the following:

  • Job interview preparation workshop - the workshop lasts 15 hours and as part of it you will be instructed by the placement division of Real Time Group of preparation and proper access to job interviews and help in preparing a suitable resume in English.
  • Practical internship in the company's laboratories - Hands-On Training - Towards the end of the track, a practical internship will be performed. The internship will be done independently with the guidance of the lecturer and developers working in the company's laboratories.

At the end of the course, the placement division will work together with the candidate to prepare a certificate and the placement phase in the field will begin

Curriculum for machien learning and Deep Learning

Machine Learning starts with learning Python Basics.

After that, you study Python for Advanced and Scientific Python, then move on to study SQL and AWS. All of these stages have preparation for studies in the field of royal intelligence.

The next step is to study Machine Learning Fundamentals, Scientific python, machine learning with python, finally, Big Data And Cloud, Deep Learning with Tensorflow, Git.

Throughout the courses, there are exercises performed by a student under the close supervision of an expert lecturer.

In addition, a student carries out a final project under the close supervision of an expert lecturer in the field.

Ready to Start Your New Career?

Alex Shoyhit

Senior Artificial Intellegence developer.

Electrical practical engineer, B.Sc. in information systems,
expert with more than 13 years experience in developing, managing and transferring projects from development to production in Real Time Embedded, Machine learning, Computer Vision, Data Analysis and Deep learning fields.

Domain Head

Courses in Track machien learning and Deep Learning

Category Courses Hours
Machine Learning & Data Science Machine Learning Fundamentals 35
Scientific Python 25
Machine Learning With Python 60
Deep Learning with Tensorflow course 40
Software Programming Courses Python Crash 90
C++ 90
SQL 40
AWS 30
Total hours 410

Who Should Attend

  • College graduates who want to specialize in Artificial Intelligence systems development.
  • Hardware \ software \ computer scientists with no development experience who are interested in retraining.
  • Person with no experience in Artificial Intelligence after an interview with a specialist.


  • Background and/or experience in system development.
  • English at a high level.
  • Engineers and graduates in the variety of science fields - a big advantage.
  • Interview with a specialist in order to find out professional knowledge
  • .

List of Courses machien learning and Deep Learning

Machine Learning & Data Science


Machine Learning Fundamentals

Hours: 35


Scientific Python

Hours: 25


Machine Learning With Python

Hours: 60


Deep Learning with Tensorflow course

Hours: 40

Software Programming Courses


Python Crash

Hours: 90



Hours: 90



Hours: 40



Hours: 30

Choosing the right Training Formats

Since we all have different time schedules, we’ve built three rich and flexible training formats to make it comfortable for you to participate in our Programs.
Please take the time to choose the one that best meets your needs.

  • On Campus - Courses are delivered in well-equipped classrooms.
  • Live Online - Courses are taught with an instructor present, an interactive session through a teaching virtual platform.
  • RTG-VOD - Courses are taught through self paced pre-recorded lessons using our Streaming Application (RTG-VOD).

Please feel free to contact us if you have additional enquiries.

How to Join our Programs

In the first way, When the chosen way is online, The curriculum is focused on the needs of the industry and is tailored to the requirements of the employers, so that every graduate who completes an internship will find the right job.

Salary Machine Learning engineer

The field of artificial intelligence is now in great demand in the high-tech world and the demand for professional workers has naturally led to an increase in wages, and in the future, it seems that this trend will continue. As mentioned, the field of artificial intelligence in the high-tech industry today expects employees to also have knowledge in the development of automation. The importance of this role has led to an increase in the average salary of artificial intelligence in recent years. The advancement of technology and the need to shorten the times of the various operations ensure that wages will continue to rise in the foreseeable future.

As a graduate starting out in your career, you can expect a salary of around £35,000. The average salary for a machine learning engineer in the UK is £52,000. This can rise to as much as £170,000 if you work for a large multinational company like Google or Facebook.


machine learning and deep learning Certificate

At the end of the training course, a Real Time College Machine Learning final certificate will be awarded.

A graduate certificate from Real Time Group College - is of great significance in the high-tech industrial market in Israel and around the world.

Why Real Time College

  • Practical courses with an emphasis on hands-on work.
  • Lecturers with practical and long experience in the industry.
  • Content updated according to new technologies and changes in the industry.
  • Possibility of individual help if needed up to 5 personal hours per month
  • Training and practical track as per track regulations.



Leading companies in the fields of finance, medicine, defense industry, autonomous vehicle development and more are constantly looking for one of the developers of artificial intelligence.
  • Professional knowledge interview + exam.
  • Background and/or experience in system development.
  • High level English.
  • Engineers and graduates in the variety of science fields - a big advantage.

The Machine Learning track includes homeworks and tests in order to receive either theoretical knowledge and either a practical experience.

Homeworks and tests are an inseparable part of the track corresponding to the requirements of high-tech companies.

In the Machine Learning track there is a commitment of experience in the high-tech company according to the track regulations.
Machine Learning track also includes repeated and additional lessons if it is necessary according to the regulations of the track.

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