Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform, a set of tools in an online environment that enables building, validating, storing, and running software and applications.

Companies that choose to develop and manage their software using Azure technology can benefit from a wide range of Microsoft Data Centers distributed worldwide. There's no need to maintain personal servers for operations. This allows leveraging Microsoft's advanced cloud technology and saving costs associated with server management, unnecessary resource payments, and more. (When using Azure, you only pay for the cloud resources actually used).

The Azure environment offers numerous cloud advantages and services, which we will detail practically during the Azure course. For example, solutions in Storage, Networking, DevOps, integration, Analytics, and more.

Azure Learning as part of the DevOps Development Path

Azure provides DevOps professionals the ability to develop, edit, share, and embed systems. With this platform, it's easier to work with Agile methodology, combining various elements within a company effectively and orderly, creating a software development and testing process that is efficient and effective.

You can learn the Azure course as a standalone option or as part of a comprehensive training program focusing on DevOps training and placement.

In the complete and comprehensive DevOps career path, you will also learn a wide range of relevant technologies and programming languages such as Linux, Python, Docker, Zabbix, Kubernetes, Jenkins, and more.

Microsoft Azure Course Description

This course is a practical course that includes lectures and hands-on exercises.

The course includes:

  • Class exercises accompanied by explanations, homework assignments, and solutions on the website.
  • Course booklet.
  • Videos and presentations on the course website.
  • Towards the end of the course, each student will complete a practical project that summarizes the knowledge gained during the course.
  • Lectures are held once a week in the evenings or mornings.

Course Content

Overview of Azure Services
Azure Virtual Machines (Windows)
Azure Virtual Machine (Linux)
Azure active directory
Azure data factory
Azure virtual network
AWS vs Azure
Core Azure Storage Products
Core Azure Networking Products
Azure Security Solutions

Talk to an Advisor

Dmitri Danilov

Head of DevOps and Automation

  • B.Sc. in Computer Science from Hadassah Academic College, Jerusalem, IL
  • Head of the DevOps group in the Development department and instruction leader
  • Over five years experience in embedding automation and DevOps for our clients
  • Practical Training Supervisor

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