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Real Time Embedded

Our flagship course provides comprehensive and practical knowledge, needed to make you a Real-Time Embedded Developer, including tools of the trade, all stages of Embedded System Development, whether it is Bare Metal or Embedded Linux \ FreeRTOS systems, We’ll be using ARM Cortex-M \ Cortex-A Development boards throughout the Program.

Cyber Security

Our Cyber security course provides you with up-to-date practical knowledge and techniques.
Grow as a cyber specialist, identify risks and protect company’s critical data effectively.

Full Stack Development

Our Full Stack course offers the best of both worlds, Front End and Back End, including Java, Python, Angular, React, MySQL, NodeJS, Vue… gain the professional skills needed to start working in Tech.


DevOps is a program, which provides knowledge for creating infrastructure using instruments for the development and operation of product testing tools and resource management.

Automation and QA

A great hands-on course for absolute beginners- learn how to make sure your company’s product actually works!
QA (Quality Assurance) means to be responsible for finding errors and flaws in a website or a program.

Machine Learning

Have you ever wondered how your phone’s virtual assistant is able to “think” and respond to your requests?
join us and learn AI, “train” a system to perform accurate missions on its own using Machine Learning, identify objects through Computer Vision.


Real Time Group is an innovative and dynamic software solutions center providing solutions across Europe, Middle-East and U.S. since 2007.
We specialize in Developing, Training and Outsourcing for :

Real Time Embedded Systems
Embedded Linux Programming
Full Stack Web Development
Machine Learning
Computer Vision (AI)
QA and Automation
Cloud Services - AWS \ Azure \ Google
IT Services - Linux Servers

Consisting of the following three Divisions: R&D (Research and development), Training, and HR (Human Resources) for Tech Positions.

R&D Division

Our R&D Division provides cost effective solutions for development projects, combining unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities, specializing in Developing Software for Software-Hardware Embedded Systems and Real-Time OS industry, Full Stack, Machine Learning, Devops, Integration, Automation and testing.

Providing turn-key solutions, end to end system development throughout the last 2 decades with hundreds of successful projects and satisfied customers we know how to make you one of us !

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Training Division

Our Training Division (a.k.a. Real Time College) specializes in Training Tech courses for the general public as well as company employees.

Our faculty is made of Tech engineers with extensive practical experience, leaders in their field, with appropriate certifications and degrees.

Our goal is to teach you the cutting edge technology used by the Tech industry nowadays which will help you find your dream job.

Experience will get you the JOB!

This is why all students are entitled to an internship, By the end of the program, students will be asked to start their internship with our RD Department, working closely with our engineers and getting the mileage you need to find a suitable job.

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HR Division

The HR Division accompanies the students throughout the program, building personal profiles ( C.V.) with the students, helping them with them on job interviews, in order to integrate them into the Tech industry as well as Real Time Group clients.

customized personal training
  • Sorting and Adjustment test/ tests:

    adjustment of desired career path to a suitable training path.

  • Studying and Pre-Training:

    Students without any background knowledge will start from a pre-training course and continue to regular program.
    Students with a background knowledge will start a regular program from the beginning.

  • Internship:

    Work on a practical project alongside additional developers to gain real work experience.

  • Job interview:

    our placement department accompanies graduates in preparation for job interviews and resumes.

  • Placing Graduates to work:

    Placing graduates to work in our development division or in one of the many companies that work with us.

Training Formats

Since we all have different time schedules, we’ve built three rich and flexible training formats to make it comfortable for you to participate in our Programs.
Please take the time to choose the one that best meets your needs.

  • On Campus - Courses are delivered in well-equipped classrooms.
  • Live Online - Courses are taught with an instructor present, an interactive session through a teaching virtual platform.
  • RTG-VOD - Courses are taught through self paced pre-recorded lessons using our Streaming Application (RTG-VOD).

Please feel free to contact us if you have additional enquiries.

How to Join our Programs

In the first way, When the chosen way is online, The curriculum is focused on the needs of the industry and is tailored to the requirements of the employers, so that every graduate who completes an internship will find the right job.



The material I have studied during QA and automation program is the most up-to-date. Also, I had paid attention, that there is a placement department and I will be taken care of at the end of the studying and that is what took a weight off my mind.


I was invited to work here, in the company, while studying in the QA & automation program. If I had not come here, I would not have had the opportunity to gain the practical experience in the field I had learned.


At the end of the Real Time Embedded Linux program I was completely prepared for the job interview. I have been told exactly what things must be emphasized and highlighted in the job interview. As a result, three high-tech companies returned with an affirmative answer: they were willing to accept me.

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