What is the SQL programming language?

SQL is a software for managing databases originally developed by the Swedish company MySQL AB, which is now owned by Oracle.

Among the database management systems, you can find Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and SQLite. The SQL software is part of the LAMP stack, which is a collection of popular infrastructure software that forms the basis of many important websites.

The software allows access to databases and the information stored in SQL relational tables. It is based on the SQL language and allows the execution of queries on it.

MySQL is, in fact, a relational database management system. Its package includes a server that enables connections to the relational database. Additionally, it allows the execution of queries written in the SQL language.

In the world of technology, everything is built on information. Every website, application, or software needs the functionality to store, retrieve, update, delete, and query data from the database it uses.

Today's programmers need to write code that can handle enormous amounts of data effectively and accurately, using minimal resources and ensuring efficient speed that won't compromise the user experience. One of the popular languages for this purpose is SQL.

What will you learn in the SQL course?

  • You will learn about effective methods of storing and retrieving information. We will practice common queries, learn about database security, table joins, and more.
  • Throughout the SQL course, students will learn to communicate with a database and perform operations such as data insertion, deletion, updating, and retrieval. Additionally, advanced-level commands and actions will be covered.
  • During the SQL course, we will extensively work with MySQL in order to perform any task we want within the database itself.

In summary, the SQL course will comprehensively teach and practice working with this popular language.

What does the SQL course include?

  • SQL for Beginners
  • Learning SQL - Database exercises and solutions
  • Class exercises accompanied by explanations, homework assignments, and solutions on the website
  • Course booklet
  • Videos and presentations on the course website
  • A practical SQL course that includes frontal lectures and extensive practice in working with databases
  • The duration of the SQL learning is approximately 40 academic hours
  • Towards the end of the course, each student will complete a practical project that summarizes the knowledge acquired during the course
  • Lectures are held once a week in the evening or morning hours

For whom is this course suitable?

  • The SQL course is suitable for beginners without prior background.
  • Additionally, the course may also be suitable for individuals with a background in QA or graduates of manual QA courses.

Online SQL Learning

As part of the college's curriculum, you can learn the SQL course online with close guidance from expert instructors in the field of databases.

The lessons are delivered through live broadcasts, allowing students the opportunity to actively participate, ask questions, and more.

Today, the internet is filled with limitless amounts of information, and with knowledge of the SQL language, you can work with databases to perform actions and translate the information for business activities.

Practical knowledge of working with databases is highly important in today's tech industry for various job sectors, and it can open up a wide range of employment opportunities and successful career development for tech professionals.

Using SQL for Software Testing

The SQL course can also be found as part of other training programs:

  • Data Science, Software Testing and Automation course, DevOps Automation Testing.
  • The SQL course is also taught within the framework of the Software Testing and Automation development track.
  • The field of software testing and automation is highly demanded in today's tech industry.
  • Studies have shown that the demand for skilled professionals in this field is high and is expected to remain so in the future.
  • Due to competition in the global market, there is a significant need for producing high-quality products rapidly and efficiently.
  • This is precisely where the development of automation tools comes in, streamlining processes in ways not seen before.
  • There is widespread use of this field, especially for utilizing databases, primarily SQL. Therefore, it is an important tool in the toolkit of both testers and software developers.

Why Should You Learn SQL?

SQL is a database technology widely used in the tech industry.

For those aiming to build a career in the tech industry, in professions such as software testing, DevOps, artificial intelligence development, automation development, and more... it is crucial to have practical knowledge and experience working with popular database systems like this one.

The knowledge gained from this course will serve as a foundation for further specialization and career development in the aforementioned professions.

Databases play a vital role in various career fields within the tech industry, and online SQL courses can provide students with the necessary knowledge and experience to embark on a successful tech career in areas such as software testing, DevOps, automation development, and more.

SQL Course Content

The Relational Model
SQL Formal Definitions
SQL Key Notes
SQL Properties
SQL User Objective
SQL Command Categories
Data Definition Language
Data Control Language
Inserting Null Data
Inserting and Integrity Constraints

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