Senior Security Engineer


• Engineering, implementing and monitoring security measures for the protection of computer systems, networks and information. 

• Designing computer security architecture and developing detailed cyber security designs. 

• Identifying and defining system security requirements. 

• Analyzing security systems and seeking improvements on a continuous basis. 

• Researching weaknesses and finding ways to counter them. 

• Developing best practices and security standards. 

• Assisting colleagues with cybersecurity, software, hardware or IT needs, while providing direction and solutions for security threats. 

• Reporting possible threats or software issues. 

• Finding cost-effective solutions to cybersecurity problems. 

• Understanding cloud, software, hardware and internet needs while adjusting them according to our unique business environment. 

• Ensuring timely and adequate response to threats/alerts including off-hour support. 

• Enforcing security policies and procedures concerning cloud infrastructure. 

• Ensuring that necessary controls and processes exist to appropriately correlate and assess security events while mitigating identified vulnerabilities in all environments. 

• Evaluating new technologies for improving security and network performance. 

• Improving security controls and safeguards according to new threats. 

• Supporting security event monitoring and incident response. 

• Conducting security incident and event investigation and analysis. 

• Participating in systems design to ensure implementation of appropriate technical security policies and technology across all layers. 


• 3-5 years experience working with AWS, deep understanding of AWS concepts (AWS FW, AWF WAF, EC2, S3, CloudWatch, CloudTrail, IAM, SSO), and fluency in Amazon Web Services (AWS) APIs/command line tools.

• Experience implementing and maintaining security for cloud-based systems and applications of Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. 

• 3+ years experience working with Amazon CloudWatch, CloudTrail and other AWS security tools. 

• Experience with Windows and Linux operating systems. 

• 3-5 years experience in Information Security. 

• 3+ years experience working with SIEM: Qrock is an advantage. 

• Experience with AWS Networking & Content delivery (VPC, Route 53, ELB). 

• Experience working with automation tools (Jenkins, and Chef). 

• Experience with AWS Console root. 

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